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Polish Your Pup's Manners

Choose our dog kennel trainer for dog training services in Marietta, OK

Aussies are playful, intelligent and full of energy. Playing with them can be delightful, but it can also be difficult to train them. You can bring your dog to 6C Aussies for 30-day dog training services in Marietta, OK.

Our dog kennel trainers can teach your dog to:

  • Walk on a leash gently, without pulling or lunging
  • Rest in a kennel calmly, without clawing or barking
  • I will lead break and crate train for extra cost
We can help your dog put their best paw forward. Call 805-441-1158 now to talk about your goals with a local dog kennel trainer.

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When you hire someone to train your dog, you want to know that your pet will be safe, happy and loved. Our local dog breeders provide a home away from home with constant care, plenty of socialization and lots of playtime. While your dog is being trained, they'll also have lots of fun with our other dogs. Contact a trainer today to find out more about our dog training services.