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Meet puppies with our Aussie breeders in Marietta, OK

Can't wait to bring home a sweet, playful puppy? If you're ready to welcome a puppy to your home, just contact 6C Aussies to find out about the puppies we have available. Our family-friendly breeders raise healthy dogs in Marietta, OK. Our Aussie breeders sell American Kennel Club and American Stock Dog Registry puppies.

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  • Mini Australian shepherd puppies
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    For years, our dog trainers and breeders have been helping residents of the Marietta, OK area add fun and playful puppies to their families. Our team:

    • Breeds all sizes of Australian shepherds
    • Provides dog training services
    We can even train puppies for competitions. Contact one of our dog trainers now to talk about what we can do for you. And be sure to ask about our upcoming events.

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    What makes Aussies special?

    Our Aussie breeders love Australian shepherds. Aussies are smart, playful, energetic and friendly - and they make wonderful family pets. They're great companions for active people who enjoy playing and exercising with their dogs. Plus, their multicolored coats and beautiful eyes make them adorable.

    Our Australian shepherd puppies are sure to warm your heart. With our attentive care, they're happy, healthy and ready to move into their forever homes. Call 805-441-1158 today to talk about bringing home an Aussie puppy. You can also use the email form on the Contact page.